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Spring Break

WOW its been a long ass time since i wrote on here. its spring break this week and ive been chilling. tomorrow is ST. PATRICKS day yay!!! time to get fucked up and meet some crazy ass people. hopefully i can get into some bars.
school is good, i really like it there. im meeting some cool people and i love my roomate. i couldnt ask for a better one!! speaking of meeting people...there is one person that i am pretty interested in. its weird bc i just wanted him to be like a hook up but im starting to get mad feelings for him. he treats me so good, he really respects me and this guy does ANYTHING for me. might i add that his body is slammin! we have the same butt!! im really lucky i found someone like him. even writing about him makes me happy.
what else is new with jennafa? ive been drinking like a fucking sailor at school. college life is the shit. i wanna be here forever. fuck the real world.lol i think when i gradutate im gonna be depressed bc i love it here. when i go home it sucks, i just think about when im going to school again.
so now its time for me to peace out to all you sexy people. my girl is on her way. shes sleeping over and then its time to celebrate my heritage!!

p.s. missing someone while hes in fla...but ill see him soon!! :)
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