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im so anxious and excited right now!!

i'm tryin to kill some time before i go work out at the gym at 4 so i realized i never write in this shit anymore so now i will! in about 3 hours i am leaving to go camping upstate for the weekend!! yay i am really exctited for this trip, at first it wasnt workin out too well for me but then everything came into place, and it doesnt hurt that a certain someone is gonna be there too ;)
hmm, what else have i been up to? i thouht this summer was gonna be slow and boring but ever since i removed a certain asshole from my life i have been having so much fun. even my friends notice a difference in my personality. i honestly thought breakin up would be a harder time then this, i guess when they say FUCKED UP things to you that you never thought they would say, it makes it so much easier for that part of my life to go away.
anyway, i dont want to keep talking about that part of the past. i just needed to get that off my chest.
it's time for me to have fun this weekend.
me and sis have been hittin up robs hot tub a few times this summer. being crunked up in a hot tub leads to fun times! haha im corney. one highlight of the summer so far was jumping on meghans wet trampoline when we were drunk and finding out a few days later that night there was a man in long valley running from the cops and he was somewhere in that area. im scared now, this doesnt happen in LV.
theres so much more but i cant think of it. if im not lazy i'll try and update again some time this year, bc thats how often i write in this cheezy journal that i had since high school. thats about it for now i must go get my workout on. PEACE!

P.S. ~R.I.P. kathy's mother, Patricia (my step-grandmother) she was a very nice lady but at least she's no longer in pain. you are in my prayers, we miss you~
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