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i had such a good time on my cruise with lucky. it went by so quick! the bahamas are beautiful. the weather was around 80 the whole time and the water was BEAUTIFUL. it looked like a big swimming pool. so this is what i did the week on the cruise ship. . .
SUNDAY~ i woke up at 4am and dragged my big ass suitcase (i way overpacked) down the stairs and drove to luckys house. his mama and brother drove us to newark airport and our flight left at 8:10.
i fell asleep on the plane and when i woke up i was in orlando. from the airport, we took a bus to port canaveral where our big ass cruise ship was. we got on the ship around 2ish. as soon as we got on we walked around and checked everything out. then we went on "deck 11" ( where we spent a lot of time bc thats where the buffets were located) and shared a pina colada "leaded" and looked out on the ocean.
that night we traveled to the coco cay island and got there at 7am the next morning.
MONDAY~ the ship docked by the island and we took a boat to coco cay. as soon as we got there, the native ladies kept saying to me "lady want your hair braided?" like 5 million times.
on that island me and lucky layed out on the beach the whole day. it was gorgeous. i was looking for shells along the beach and i found snails on the rocks. there were also cool looking fish with pointy noses swimming around. that day i got a lot of color on my face.
we left that island around 5pm and traveled that night to nassau, bahamas. that night on the cruise ship was a lot of fun. me and lucky saw a comedian and later went to the hip hop club and danced. we had coronas and he he also had 2 long island iced teas. later on the music turned to seventies and we did the electric slide. then we went out on the the deck and looked at the ocean and did some other stuff ;)
TUESDAY~ we got to nassau at 8am and stayed on the island the whole day. nassau is the capital of the bahamas so there were a lot of natives and houses there. as soon as we got on the island the guys that were from there kept asking us if we needed a taxi and tried to sell us stuff. and the freakin women again kept asking if i wanted my hair braided. i felt like i was in the city.
so me and lucky took a taxi to paradise island (where the atlantis hotel is) and stayed on the beach. it was kind of windy that day. lucky went in the ocean bc he loved the big waves but i was cold, even though the water was sooo warm.i bought a wrap that i wear around my waist from a lady who was walking around the beach selling them.
we took a cab back to nassau and went on the boat to change. then we went on the island and little more and took a ferry ride back to paradise island and walked around for a little bit. then we went on the boat again to eat dinner. that night was "formal night" so we all had to wear dresses and suits. everyone looked so nice. after dinner we went back to nassau bc i wanted my hair braided. oh my god, it hurt so bad!! my hair broke the comb the lady was using and she said i had to brush my own hair bc she could not do it. before that i was arguing with the lady bc she wanted to charge me $70, i was like no $30. and everytime i bargained with her she said "ohh i aint scared of you" lol. we left that island at 1am and spent the whole next day traveling back to florida.
WEDNESDAY~ our last full day on the cuise. me and lucky layed out by the pool the whole day. they had a band playing carribean and reggae music and i had another pina colada. at the pool they had a belly flop contest, sexy legs contest, and horse racing. it was fun watching all of that. that night we ate dinner and saw a "farewell" show. then we packed and went to sleep.
THURSAY~ we stayed on orlando for a day. me and lucky rented a room and went to the florida mall. its such a big mall. i bought stuff from victorias secret and other places. the weather was also beautiful in florida, it was like 70.
FRIDAY~ we woke up early and left florida at 1230pm. we got to jersey around 3. lucky's brother picked us up with my car and i drove home. we sat in traffic for a while.
last night was sis's surprise party at funplex! i think it was really fun. its something different to do. we were all racing in those go karts and i was going around a turn fast and mary was right behind me and i said "mary, watch this" and i slammed on my brakes and spun out and she hit me from behind and crashed into eachother. everyone had to stop bc we made a i was turned sideways and she was stuck to me. lol that was so much fun but i hurt my right side of my ribs when she hit me. lol
so anyway, the cruise was lots of fun. we met great people that we had dinner everynight with. they were from cali, wisonsin, and florida. we took pictures of them and we had a great waitress. other syuff that was on the ship was a casino, basketball, theatre, bars, and clubs.
there was so much food to eat. anytime we were hungry we'd just go to the buffet and get something. we didnt have to wait for dinner. i definitly had a wonderful time and i recommend it to anyone.
by the way, i also got a nice tan and i hope it lasts a while! :)
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