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So long to Jersey. . . for a few days

I'm going on a cruise to the bahamas on sunday. im kind of excited. ive never been on a cruise or to the bahamas so its something different to look forward to. of course (this goes without saying) i will truly miss my sista of all sistas!! i know i wont have that much fun since shes wont be there. sis i will call you though and be home just in time for the BIG 2-1!!i can not believe how she has grown! :)
so i am in my hometown of Brooklyn now. i went shopping yesterday and saw most of my family today. i have a nasty ass rash on my back that i really hope goes away. i think its egsima. oh well, i could have worse things in life.
i guess thats about it for now. i come back on friday and the festividies begin saturday night. im es cited! i dropped my phone today and the cover fell off and the buttons went flying so now i have to put a new cover on and i really liked that one. dang it!
see you all when i get back, hopefully i'll be a tanner Jennafa!
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