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you look like a hairy cho cha

has everyone missed my ass? i never write in this anymore, but today i am freakin bored and have to go to work soon. that sucksssss. last night i saw sexy josh harnett in 40 days and 40 nights with sis and mary quite contrary. ummm, me and the lucksters have been chillin a lot for the past few days. how cute does he look with his glasses? im gonna eat him. lol. last saturday i went to a party at rutgers with him and the sis. some weird, weird shit happened. st patricks day is almost here. one can not wait to go to the parade and get my crunk on!!! im working at the movies tomorrow so if anyone wants to come visit me please do bc i will be so freakin bored!!! byeeeeeeeee :)
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