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"i suggest you move your car if you dont want your tires slashed" -crazy guy at county

what up what up people!!! its been so long. what a strange day me and my sis had at our lovely school. so we're drivin to school jammin to alliyah when we get to the parking lot and dont find a spot. luckily blake and dave saw us searching and said we could have their spot. so sis drives up to them but their is a car already waiting for the spot with his blinker on. so she pulls up next to him on the left and takes the spot. oh geees who would have thought it could lead to this. so we're sittin in the car and the guy is still waiting there with his blinker on (its already been 5 minutes) so me and sarah are nervous and dont know what to do. so we get out, he rolls down the window and says " i suggest moving your car if u dont want your tires slashed" so we went to security and at the end of the day nothing happened. now we have an enemy at county. sis, good luck at your night class i hope nothing happens!!
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