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i am so sick of fast food

hey people, whats poppin. i am in a really good mood. i hung out with lucky after school today. i went to his house and cut his hair. his mama really liked it, but he still had to fix up the spots i missed. i did a pretty good job i must say. then i watched him shave his little thing on his chin and his mustache, he looked so cute :) i bought a christmas cd today "now thats what i call christmas" something like that. lucky showed me this phat house that decorated for x mas. they had lights going all through the trees and in their backyard they had this big waterfall thing made at of lights, phatness. i went to a britney spears concert sunday. it wasnt that bad. i did dance to "im a slave for you" i really like that cheesy song. im tired but i dont feel like goin to bed. oh well, maybe i will. shit, i still have to register for next semester. peace :) you look like a semester
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