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is it winter break yet?

i hate girls that are whipped by there boyfriend or have to keep them happy. i swear i will never be like that. so i've been hanging out with this guy who i met in the gap for the past 2 weeks. i think i really like him. i feel so comfortable around him and he has a really good personality and i think about him a lot so yea i do really like him. this weekend was pretty busy at work, i worked four 8 hour days in a row. thats a lot for me. tomorrow im starting this new job at a kids party place where i will work mondays and wednesdays. this weekend i chilled with people i havent seen in a while... chistina, leann, lauren, and me went bowling saturday night. i went to a bar in the bronx wednesday night, that was cool...well most of the night was. last night something happened at work that bothered me a lot. i dont know if i should take it personally or what but im sure that person knows what i am talking and she'll see it on here. anyway, other than that im really happy right now because someone makes me happy!
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