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yo put your number on this paper cause i would love to date ya

poor poor jetermobile. for the first time in our relationship, she has let me down. but thats ok now bc she now has a second life with her brand new battery and alternator. this weekend was a lot of fun. i chilled with my aunt nancy. we saw "O" in the city. that movie was freaky deeky. we also went to union square park to see the huge memorial. oh my god, it was so sad. i read a lot of the missing person papers and lit candles for the people i knew that died. the saddest part was seeing the people who lost people close to them hysterical crying.
but i felt better after going there, it helped me move on. i hate tues and thurs. i really cant stand getting up at 7 am. it sucks man. today i saw 2 sexy people at school. awww. well i should go freakin read now bc thats all my homework consists of, reading reading reading!!
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