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what up people?

lets see whats new. last week i visited lauren at college which was cool and i met a mighty fine football player that shes friends with. this week i just had school and chilled with a few people. there was a job fair at school today and i applyed for the gap (which they already called back) and theres a bank that pays $10 an hour. if i work at the gap i can visit lauren at the sexy underwear store on my break.
tonight i was supposed to go to a party at rutgers but i wasnt really in the mood to. tomorrow im babysitting madison and going to BrOOklyn for the weekend. dont miss me too much.
well we all know what happened tuesday. i dont really want to talk about it but there were people that i knew that died so that really bothers me. by the way tomorrow everyone is asked to display flags everywhere (i have one on my car) and wear red, white, and blue. i also heard at 7 or 8 pm every american should go outside and hold out a candle in memory of all the victims.
well thats about it for now.
p.s. who your gonna call? ghostbusters!
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