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im updating from ireland!!

right now it is 8 50 am which means its around 4am in the "states" all you people are probably snoozing right now. im in a town called killarny, this is where the hotel is at. we just got done eating breakfast, now i have to go to the bahamas. today we are taking a tour somewhere i forgot where. tomorrow we're going to waterford and kerry to kiss the blarney stone. oh my god, my dad almost hit some lady yesterday walking on the street because we have to drive on the opposite side of the road its so weird. oh i almost forgot! our waiter looks like doyle!! yesterday all i did was sleep it felt so good bc i couldnt sleep on the palne. one of the girls who works here told us about "discos" me and my sister can go to, so that should be cool. ok im gonna go get ready now, write me comments bc when i come back to the hotel i can use this computer any time! i miss you guys! bye
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