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~JeNNaFa~'s Journal
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Tuesday, March 16th, 2004
8:40 pm
Spring Break
WOW its been a long ass time since i wrote on here. its spring break this week and ive been chilling. tomorrow is ST. PATRICKS day yay!!! time to get fucked up and meet some crazy ass people. hopefully i can get into some bars.
school is good, i really like it there. im meeting some cool people and i love my roomate. i couldnt ask for a better one!! speaking of meeting people...there is one person that i am pretty interested in. its weird bc i just wanted him to be like a hook up but im starting to get mad feelings for him. he treats me so good, he really respects me and this guy does ANYTHING for me. might i add that his body is slammin! we have the same butt!! im really lucky i found someone like him. even writing about him makes me happy.
what else is new with jennafa? ive been drinking like a fucking sailor at school. college life is the shit. i wanna be here forever. fuck the real world.lol i think when i gradutate im gonna be depressed bc i love it here. when i go home it sucks, i just think about when im going to school again.
so now its time for me to peace out to all you sexy people. my girl is on her way. shes sleeping over and then its time to celebrate my heritage!!

p.s. missing someone while hes in fla...but ill see him soon!! :)

Current Mood: excited
Friday, July 18th, 2003
3:14 pm
im so anxious and excited right now!!
i'm tryin to kill some time before i go work out at the gym at 4 so i realized i never write in this shit anymore so now i will! in about 3 hours i am leaving to go camping upstate for the weekend!! yay i am really exctited for this trip, at first it wasnt workin out too well for me but then everything came into place, and it doesnt hurt that a certain someone is gonna be there too ;)
hmm, what else have i been up to? i thouht this summer was gonna be slow and boring but ever since i removed a certain asshole from my life i have been having so much fun. even my friends notice a difference in my personality. i honestly thought breakin up would be a harder time then this, i guess when they say FUCKED UP things to you that you never thought they would say, it makes it so much easier for that part of my life to go away.
anyway, i dont want to keep talking about that part of the past. i just needed to get that off my chest.
it's time for me to have fun this weekend.
me and sis have been hittin up robs hot tub a few times this summer. being crunked up in a hot tub leads to fun times! haha im corney. one highlight of the summer so far was jumping on meghans wet trampoline when we were drunk and finding out a few days later that night there was a man in long valley running from the cops and he was somewhere in that area. im scared now, this doesnt happen in LV.
theres so much more but i cant think of it. if im not lazy i'll try and update again some time this year, bc thats how often i write in this cheezy journal that i had since high school. thats about it for now i must go get my workout on. PEACE!

P.S. ~R.I.P. kathy's mother, Patricia (my step-grandmother) she was a very nice lady but at least she's no longer in pain. you are in my prayers, we miss you~

Current Mood: hyper
Thursday, February 27th, 2003
5:54 pm
18 DAYS BABY!!!!
THAT'S WHEN THE FESTIVITIES BEGIN!!! i really cant wait for st patricks day and especially SOUTH BEACH that week! it is really the only thing that i have to look forward to (oh & my bday) it feels like time is draggin on. i just wanna be on the beach and be drunk off my ass 4 a week...no worries, no school, no people who bring drama, nothing. just me and my girls in miami in beautiful weather. i cant believe its almost here!
umm, so thats pretty much whats up with jennafa. im doin good in school bc i wanna get my ass outta county i have so much motivation. let me just say that st patricks day is gonna be the shit this year. maybe it will out do the rest (if thats even possible)


Current Mood: bouncy
Saturday, January 11th, 2003
10:05 am
i had such a good time on my cruise with lucky. it went by so quick! the bahamas are beautiful. the weather was around 80 the whole time and the water was BEAUTIFUL. it looked like a big swimming pool. so this is what i did the week on the cruise ship. . .
SUNDAY~ i woke up at 4am and dragged my big ass suitcase (i way overpacked) down the stairs and drove to luckys house. his mama and brother drove us to newark airport and our flight left at 8:10.
i fell asleep on the plane and when i woke up i was in orlando. from the airport, we took a bus to port canaveral where our big ass cruise ship was. we got on the ship around 2ish. as soon as we got on we walked around and checked everything out. then we went on "deck 11" ( where we spent a lot of time bc thats where the buffets were located) and shared a pina colada "leaded" and looked out on the ocean.
that night we traveled to the coco cay island and got there at 7am the next morning.
MONDAY~ the ship docked by the island and we took a boat to coco cay. as soon as we got there, the native ladies kept saying to me "lady want your hair braided?" like 5 million times.
on that island me and lucky layed out on the beach the whole day. it was gorgeous. i was looking for shells along the beach and i found snails on the rocks. there were also cool looking fish with pointy noses swimming around. that day i got a lot of color on my face.
we left that island around 5pm and traveled that night to nassau, bahamas. that night on the cruise ship was a lot of fun. me and lucky saw a comedian and later went to the hip hop club and danced. we had coronas and he he also had 2 long island iced teas. later on the music turned to seventies and we did the electric slide. then we went out on the the deck and looked at the ocean and did some other stuff ;)
TUESDAY~ we got to nassau at 8am and stayed on the island the whole day. nassau is the capital of the bahamas so there were a lot of natives and houses there. as soon as we got on the island the guys that were from there kept asking us if we needed a taxi and tried to sell us stuff. and the freakin women again kept asking if i wanted my hair braided. i felt like i was in the city.
so me and lucky took a taxi to paradise island (where the atlantis hotel is) and stayed on the beach. it was kind of windy that day. lucky went in the ocean bc he loved the big waves but i was cold, even though the water was sooo warm.i bought a wrap that i wear around my waist from a lady who was walking around the beach selling them.
we took a cab back to nassau and went on the boat to change. then we went on the island and little more and took a ferry ride back to paradise island and walked around for a little bit. then we went on the boat again to eat dinner. that night was "formal night" so we all had to wear dresses and suits. everyone looked so nice. after dinner we went back to nassau bc i wanted my hair braided. oh my god, it hurt so bad!! my hair broke the comb the lady was using and she said i had to brush my own hair bc she could not do it. before that i was arguing with the lady bc she wanted to charge me $70, i was like no $30. and everytime i bargained with her she said "ohh i aint scared of you" lol. we left that island at 1am and spent the whole next day traveling back to florida.
WEDNESDAY~ our last full day on the cuise. me and lucky layed out by the pool the whole day. they had a band playing carribean and reggae music and i had another pina colada. at the pool they had a belly flop contest, sexy legs contest, and horse racing. it was fun watching all of that. that night we ate dinner and saw a "farewell" show. then we packed and went to sleep.
THURSAY~ we stayed on orlando for a day. me and lucky rented a room and went to the florida mall. its such a big mall. i bought stuff from victorias secret and other places. the weather was also beautiful in florida, it was like 70.
FRIDAY~ we woke up early and left florida at 1230pm. we got to jersey around 3. lucky's brother picked us up with my car and i drove home. we sat in traffic for a while.
last night was sis's surprise party at funplex! i think it was really fun. its something different to do. we were all racing in those go karts and i was going around a turn fast and mary was right behind me and i said "mary, watch this" and i slammed on my brakes and spun out and she hit me from behind and crashed into eachother. everyone had to stop bc we made a i was turned sideways and she was stuck to me. lol that was so much fun but i hurt my right side of my ribs when she hit me. lol
so anyway, the cruise was lots of fun. we met great people that we had dinner everynight with. they were from cali, wisonsin, and florida. we took pictures of them and we had a great waitress. other syuff that was on the ship was a casino, basketball, theatre, bars, and clubs.
there was so much food to eat. anytime we were hungry we'd just go to the buffet and get something. we didnt have to wait for dinner. i definitly had a wonderful time and i recommend it to anyone.
by the way, i also got a nice tan and i hope it lasts a while! :)

Current Mood: happy
Friday, January 3rd, 2003
10:09 pm
So long to Jersey. . . for a few days
I'm going on a cruise to the bahamas on sunday. im kind of excited. ive never been on a cruise or to the bahamas so its something different to look forward to. of course (this goes without saying) i will truly miss my sista of all sistas!! i know i wont have that much fun since shes wont be there. sis i will call you though and be home just in time for the BIG 2-1!!i can not believe how she has grown! :)
so i am in my hometown of Brooklyn now. i went shopping yesterday and saw most of my family today. i have a nasty ass rash on my back that i really hope goes away. i think its egsima. oh well, i could have worse things in life.
i guess thats about it for now. i come back on friday and the festividies begin saturday night. im es cited! i dropped my phone today and the cover fell off and the buttons went flying so now i have to put a new cover on and i really liked that one. dang it!
see you all when i get back, hopefully i'll be a tanner Jennafa!

Current Mood: excited
Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
7:06 pm
i was reading some of my old e mails and i came across this one. ohh the memories

Subject: SARAH LOVES 'NSYNC!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 07:59:21


Saturday, March 2nd, 2002
10:37 am
you look like a hairy cho cha
has everyone missed my ass? i never write in this anymore, but today i am freakin bored and have to go to work soon. that sucksssss. last night i saw sexy josh harnett in 40 days and 40 nights with sis and mary quite contrary. ummm, me and the lucksters have been chillin a lot for the past few days. how cute does he look with his glasses? im gonna eat him. lol. last saturday i went to a party at rutgers with him and the sis. some weird, weird shit happened. st patricks day is almost here. one can not wait to go to the parade and get my crunk on!!! im working at the movies tomorrow so if anyone wants to come visit me please do bc i will be so freakin bored!!! byeeeeeeeee :)

Current Mood: loved
Tuesday, February 5th, 2002
3:38 pm
Thursday, January 31st, 2002
6:21 pm
"i suggest you move your car if you dont want your tires slashed" -crazy guy at county
what up what up people!!! its been so long. what a strange day me and my sis had at our lovely school. so we're drivin to school jammin to alliyah when we get to the parking lot and dont find a spot. luckily blake and dave saw us searching and said we could have their spot. so sis drives up to them but their is a car already waiting for the spot with his blinker on. so she pulls up next to him on the left and takes the spot. oh geees who would have thought it could lead to this. so we're sittin in the car and the guy is still waiting there with his blinker on (its already been 5 minutes) so me and sarah are nervous and dont know what to do. so we get out, he rolls down the window and says " i suggest moving your car if u dont want your tires slashed" so we went to security and at the end of the day nothing happened. now we have an enemy at county. sis, good luck at your night class i hope nothing happens!!

Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, December 4th, 2001
10:54 pm
i am so sick of fast food
hey people, whats poppin. i am in a really good mood. i hung out with lucky after school today. i went to his house and cut his hair. his mama really liked it, but he still had to fix up the spots i missed. i did a pretty good job i must say. then i watched him shave his little thing on his chin and his mustache, he looked so cute :) i bought a christmas cd today "now thats what i call christmas" something like that. lucky showed me this phat house that decorated for x mas. they had lights going all through the trees and in their backyard they had this big waterfall thing made at of lights, phatness. i went to a britney spears concert sunday. it wasnt that bad. i did dance to "im a slave for you" i really like that cheesy song. im tired but i dont feel like goin to bed. oh well, maybe i will. shit, i still have to register for next semester. peace :) you look like a semester

Current Mood: cheerful
Tuesday, November 27th, 2001
3:28 pm
is it winter break yet?
i hate girls that are whipped by there boyfriend or have to keep them happy. i swear i will never be like that. so i've been hanging out with this guy who i met in the gap for the past 2 weeks. i think i really like him. i feel so comfortable around him and he has a really good personality and i think about him a lot so yea i do really like him. this weekend was pretty busy at work, i worked four 8 hour days in a row. thats a lot for me. tomorrow im starting this new job at a kids party place where i will work mondays and wednesdays. this weekend i chilled with people i havent seen in a while... chistina, leann, lauren, and me went bowling saturday night. i went to a bar in the bronx wednesday night, that was cool...well most of the night was. last night something happened at work that bothered me a lot. i dont know if i should take it personally or what but im sure that person knows what i am talking and she'll see it on here. anyway, other than that im really happy right now because someone makes me happy!

Current Mood: relaxed
Monday, November 5th, 2001
11:53 am
the yanks lost the world series. its ok though bc they'll win it next year. it was a great series though, one of the best i've ever seen. i must admit arizona is a pretty good team, they beat the best. so no more watching my man until april, no more seeing the closeups of his sexy eyes and his really really cute butt when he runs the bases :( poor derek, he must be so sad. i was so nervous when the guy slid into him on 2nd and jeter couldnt get up for a few seconds. ok well im off to school now. what am i gonna watch on t.v. for the next 5 months?

Current Mood: sad
Tuesday, October 23rd, 2001
8:16 pm
i feel another yankee parade coming on!!
will i go to the yankees parade for the fourth time this year?? HELL YEA because my babies are gonna win the world series!! well whats poppin with jen? basically the same old... work, school, you know how i do. i did a bit of spendin at the g-a-p last night. my phat discount saved me over 100 buckeroos. now i can stop wearing the same clothes from freshman year. this weekend seems pretty cool, theres a few things goin on that seem hot. i dont know which one to pick though. friday im gonna get my fright on at great adventure with some of my favorite peeps. well babes, i gotta go. time to clean my room. i cant even see my floor, damn its messy.

Current Mood: happy
Wednesday, October 10th, 2001
10:50 am
halloween is coming!
hey people. whats up? i cant believe its already wednesday. this week has been going by so quickly. damnnnn. anyway, i have a job at gap now. its pretty cool, its more work than the movie theatre but thats better. plus i get paid more and have more hours. oh and i cant forget the phat discounts i get, thats the best part. i have so many tests and papers coming up in all of my classes. so i have been pretty busy. i was invited to go to great adventure on sunday so hopefully i can take off work, fright fest is mad fun. ok im gonna go to class now, actually im going to get help from my professor first so i have to go in earlier. thats about it in jens life now. keep it real in the "0-1"!! haha peace!

Current Mood: satisfied
Tuesday, September 18th, 2001
9:04 pm
yo put your number on this paper cause i would love to date ya
poor poor jetermobile. for the first time in our relationship, she has let me down. but thats ok now bc she now has a second life with her brand new battery and alternator. this weekend was a lot of fun. i chilled with my aunt nancy. we saw "O" in the city. that movie was freaky deeky. we also went to union square park to see the huge memorial. oh my god, it was so sad. i read a lot of the missing person papers and lit candles for the people i knew that died. the saddest part was seeing the people who lost people close to them hysterical crying.
but i felt better after going there, it helped me move on. i hate tues and thurs. i really cant stand getting up at 7 am. it sucks man. today i saw 2 sexy people at school. awww. well i should go freakin read now bc thats all my homework consists of, reading reading reading!!

Current Mood: relaxed
Friday, September 14th, 2001
12:48 am
this is what i was talking about....
Friday Night at 7:00 p.m. step out your door, stop your car, or step out of your establishment and light a candle. We will show the world that Americans are strong and united together against terrorism. Please pass this to everyone on your buddy list. We need to reach everyone across the United States quickly. The message: WE STAND UNITED - WE WILL NOT TOLERATE TERRORISM


To show the terrorists that our American spirit is
stronger than ever, FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 14 is "Flags Across
America." All Americans are asked to display the American
flag in their homes, businesses or cars. Let's keep the meaning
of UNITED in "United States". Pass this onto as many people
as you know.
12:15 am
what up people?
lets see whats new. last week i visited lauren at college which was cool and i met a mighty fine football player that shes friends with. this week i just had school and chilled with a few people. there was a job fair at school today and i applyed for the gap (which they already called back) and theres a bank that pays $10 an hour. if i work at the gap i can visit lauren at the sexy underwear store on my break.
tonight i was supposed to go to a party at rutgers but i wasnt really in the mood to. tomorrow im babysitting madison and going to BrOOklyn for the weekend. dont miss me too much.
well we all know what happened tuesday. i dont really want to talk about it but there were people that i knew that died so that really bothers me. by the way tomorrow everyone is asked to display flags everywhere (i have one on my car) and wear red, white, and blue. i also heard at 7 or 8 pm every american should go outside and hold out a candle in memory of all the victims.
well thats about it for now.
p.s. who your gonna call? ghostbusters!

Current Mood: shocked
Tuesday, September 4th, 2001
9:58 pm
whats crack a lackin?
today was my first day at county. it was pretty cool. i was there from 8 30 to 3 30. thats a long ass day. tomorrow i only have one class though so thats good. i took a 2 hour nap today and im still tired. i saw a lot of people at school and chris helped me get to my class. i didnt notice the bright green paper on the wall that said my class was moved. im so happy im out of high school. next year i am transferring to a 4 year school probably upstate with sis, so that should be cool. tomorrow i am buying all my books. the line in the bookstore today was so freakin long im not looking forward to that.

Current Mood: anxious
Sunday, July 29th, 2001
8:54 am
im updating from ireland!!
right now it is 8 50 am which means its around 4am in the "states" all you people are probably snoozing right now. im in a town called killarny, this is where the hotel is at. we just got done eating breakfast, now i have to go to the bahamas. today we are taking a tour somewhere i forgot where. tomorrow we're going to waterford and kerry to kiss the blarney stone. oh my god, my dad almost hit some lady yesterday walking on the street because we have to drive on the opposite side of the road its so weird. oh i almost forgot! our waiter looks like doyle!! yesterday all i did was sleep it felt so good bc i couldnt sleep on the palne. one of the girls who works here told us about "discos" me and my sister can go to, so that should be cool. ok im gonna go get ready now, write me comments bc when i come back to the hotel i can use this computer any time! i miss you guys! bye

Current Mood: anxious
Tuesday, July 3rd, 2001
4:35 pm
hey people!
i dont have camp tomorrow so i can stay out late tonight. yay!! no waking up at 7am for me manana. so if anyone wants to chill give me a holla! love ya. i hope i get a call from my sister. all right im off to work. :)
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